Recipe for Coffee Greatness
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Gevalia is Sweden’s most classic coffee
brand, providing unexpected fika
moments since 1920. We were asked
to redesign Gevalia’s entire product
portfolio with more than 60 products.
Imagine the thrill when we realized
that every 5th cup of coffee in Swedish
homes is Gevalia Mellanrost!

The goal was to develop a more modern
expression and clarify different products
and roasting levels. This process
involved digging deep into the Gevalia
brand and creating an identity that
achieved both consistency and
differentiation. The design recipe?
We kept Gevalia’s well-known red
color, added a new simplified logotype
and spiced things up with new
typography and smart graphic details.
The result is a re-vitalized Swedish icon,
easy to find and ready for another
100 years of coffee greatness.

To add extra flavor to the Gevalia
family, we have also created three
Limited Edition coffees, each with
their unique story. ‘Odlarens Brygg’ is
dedicated to the farmers behind our
beloved cup of Joe. ‘Midvinter Brygg’
highlights consumer stories of
unexpected Christmas love and quirky
winter traditions. And now in stores,
‘Supporter Brygg’ celebrates the power
of sports in bringing people together.
”It’s always hard to redesign such an iconic
brand as Gevalia when almost everyone in
Sweden have some kind of emotional relation
to this brand. With that in mind, I think we
have managed to create a new iconic look
that draws inspiration from their long heritage,
while revitalizing the brand and taking
them into the future.”
Jonas Hellström, Design Director at Amore