Get the Party Started
Absolut Vodka is one of the most
well-known vodkas in the world.
The brand was first launched in
New York in 1979 and to this day
all vodka is crafted in the small
community of Åhus, Sweden.

We have created a new Absolut
Gift Pack system based on two
main principles: a structural design
showcasing Absolut’s iconic bottle
shape and a packaging design
inspired by a kaleidoscope of party
lights. This symbolizes the energy
of unexpected nights; those epic
nights that you hadn’t planned for
but will never forget. Through
the new design we achieve both the
stand-out and product clarity that is
needed in the cluttered spirits world.
With a variety of flavors and give-aways
this is the perfect gift to get the party started,
whether you live in Berlin, Shanghai,
Borlänge or New Orleans.